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voice talent casting, voice over, dubbing, translations, sound design, recording/editing-mix/mastering, audio restoration, film scores, production music, sound effects

voice talent casting, commercials , copywriting, recording-editing-mix-mastering, production music, jingles, sound design

voice talent/singer casting, jingle/break IDs, station imaging, production toolkits

website design, in-store radio/TV, brand imaging, voice mails, IVR, on-hold messages

Vocessenza® courses, e-learning, training courses, clinics, workshops

recording, mixing, mastering, location and studio rental, events, presentations, meetings, private exhibitions and events, photo and video shoots


SkillMedia takes pride in its unique location: the historical oratory of San Giacomo - Spazio d'Arte is an ancient, architecturally striking building with amazing reverb for flawless audio recording and post-production, as well as a fabulous venue for video & photo shoots and events.

Discover San Giacomo - Spazio d'Arte

Working with You, for You


A top-notch recording and post-production studio featuring state-of-the-art equipment, designed to capture and enhance even the slightest of sounds.
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We spot talent from around the world and give a voice to images, brands, products and services. We provide tailored solutions to fit every need and budget.
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Choosing the right words is the key to effective communication. We write engaging copy, while also providing audiovisual translation and localization services.
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We approach every production project with expertise and passion. Our focus on attention to detail and budget management is what enables us to meet and exceed expectations. All the time.
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Proven experience. Trusted expertise.


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