A unique location

We are proudly located in the ancient oratory of San Giacomo - Spazio d'Arte: with its jaw-dropping natural reverb and cutting-edge technical equipment, it makes the perfect place for recording small orchestral ensembles and acoustic instruments playing classic, ambient, jazz or folk music.

An audio recording auditorium, but also a naturally beautiful location, equipped with a large movie screen, theatrical lighting, and a top-notch recording and audio post-production studio.

Our location and studios can be rented out to record music as well as to stage performances, exhibitions, video and photo shoots, presentations, meetings, courses, workshops and private events, for which we provide styling, planning and technical services.

Come and visit us to experience the magic of our venue or check out our Photo Gallery.

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  • Live Recording Sessions
  • Recording, Scoring, Mixing, Mastering
  • «New Rec Live»
  • «Performing for Friends»
  • Studios and Location Rental
  • Events
  • Video Screening
  • Art Performances
  • Recitals, Presentations, Meetings
  • Photo and Video Shoots
  • Music Productions & Publishing